Tuesday, January 14, 2014

snail mail isn't dead

what's better than snail mail? that's right. nothing.
what's better than diy's that are virtually free? that's right. nothing
what's better than coffeeeee? that's right. nothing. and i just drank a wholeeeeee lot of it.


so you go to that hardware store and you find a bunch of cool paint colors that makes you itch to paint things, but painting things is really time consuming and it's not exactly something want to do spontaneously, but grab all those paint samples anyway cause i have an idea.....

supplies //
paint samples
a pen
washi tape (optional)

first step is you need your paint samples. 

next step is you need friends. specifically, friends you want to send a letter to. which should be all of your friends really.

write their name and address on the front of the paint chip, add some washi tape if you wish and voila! you have a postcard yaaaaaaaay go you.

write a hand written note on the back, stick a stamp on the friend and their ready to go in mail. it's inexpensive, it's easy, and it makes your friends a happy. a win-win....win.

save the snails by sending letters!