Friday, January 24, 2014

the ultimate super duper top secret iced coffee recipe

so i know that it's currently five degrees outside, but that should never ever stop you from drinking iced coffee. put on an extra pair of socks, your summer playlist, and break out the blender cause it's time for the bestest, secretest, iced coffee.

........which won't be a secret after today. oh well.

ingredients //
three-four teaspoons instant coffee grounds
*one and a half cup of milk
two teaspoons vanilla extract
two tablespoons sugar, or to taste
twelve ice cubes
two tablespoons chocolate syrup, or to taste (or two tablespoons cocoa powder + one more tablespoon of sugar)

*feel free to swap out the milk with dairy alternatives, but from experience i don't recommend almond milk. it doesn't get very frothy, so i usually use coconut or soy.

p.s. i'm kinda behind on the times, but this book is ahmahzinggg.

step one //  toss all the ingredients in the blender on high for about 30-60 seconds.
step two // drink your coffee, close your eyes, and pretend it's summer.

have a happy weekend!